Independence Day and Freedom

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Today Americans celebrate the Day of Independence. As a U.S. citizen I celebrate it too. As a World Citizen and a Baha’i I celebrate the religious freedom I enjoy. The majority of the world does not have this freedom. That … Continued

Anthem for the World

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Today I was transferring to my MP3 player one of the most inspiring albums I have heard in a long time, “A House Divided” by Matthew Levine. I bought the CD last autumn when visiting LouHelen Baha’i School. I can’t … Continued

Spiritual Path

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1. Find a map. 2. Pick a path. 3. Stay on the path. A brief but very clever article on the U.S. Baha’i website challenges us to approach our spiritual search just the way any other journey. My experience is … Continued

Welcome to my new blog

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This blog will track my spiritual search. As I grow through tests and difficulties, through reading and listening, I want to share my thoughts with the hope they might be of services to others. Thanks for visiting! Mitko