One Humankind In Music Celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week

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Turn you thoughts on Martin Luther King Jr. and you cannot avoid the theme of tolerance and respect for others. During the recent commemoration of his birthday, Sofia and I sang with the Metropolitan Washington Bahá’í Chorale at three different celebrations — in … Continued

The snow that brought the neighbors closer, kept the friends apart… And prayers brought us all together!

The snow that brought the neighbors closer, kept the friends apart… As anticipated, the Snowzilla brought the neighbors together. Muslims from Eritrea, Catholics from Bolivia and Baha’is from Bulgaria and the USA worked together, helping each other to dig out cars and walkways … Continued

“Today The Seed is Sown: Above the Present and into the Future” Interfaith Prayer Station

Dear friends, As we bid farewell to 2015 and welcome 2016, let us reflect with gratitude on the lessons from past mistakes and embrace with faith the opportunities the future offers. Let us nurture the seeds we have sown, reflect mindfully on the weeds … Continued

“Time and the Bahá’í Calendar” Interfaith Prayer Station

Dear friends, I am currently taking an online course called The Badi (Baha’i) Calendar, Reshaping Our Material, Social, and Spiritual Reality. But I am also reading about the history, traditions, and calendar of the ancient Bulgarians and find intriguing the similarities of these calendar … Continued

Exploring Gleanings & Commemorating Tony Joy

Dear friends, A dear friend of mine, Tony Joy, left this mortal world a year ago, soon after his labor of love — two books dedicated to discovering and exploring “Gleanings of  the Writings of Baha’u’llah” — were published. “Gleanings”, a carefully selected compilation of … Continued