Day of forgiveness

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Just as Baha’is are getting ready for the New Year while putting behind the old one with the conclusion of the Fast, Bulgarians seek each other’s forgiveness so that life’s burden being carried into the new year would be lighter.

Because forgiveness can be a serious matter, bringing some lightness — and laughter — into a day that can be potentially difficult makes sense.

Time to recalibrate spiritually

A chance encounter with the kinetic sculptor Stephen Cartwright and one of his fascinating digital datascapes, made me think: what if this kinetic sculpture is a physical symbol of our pilgrimage through life with all its ups and downs — not just physical but spiritual as well. What if instead of tracking physical coordinates in relation to the Greenwich meridian, I were to track my spiritual coordinates in relation to my true self, true purpose, and ultimately, God. And what better way to start this experiment than during the Baha’i Fast — a time of spiritual recalibration.

I am a musician!

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“When is the best time to do things?” “Who is the most important one?” “What is the right thing to do?” These three questions posed by Leo Tolstoy in a short story published in 1885 — more than a century … Continued