Jazz Prayer Station with Ana Velinova Presenting Songs of Peace and Unity

Dear friends,

Please join us this Sunday, November 9th, 2014 at 12 noon, for a Jazz Prayer Station — a holiday concert with jazz vocalist Ana Velinova presenting songs of peace and unity.

This special event will feature Seattle based jazz vocalist Ana Velinova who is visiting Washington DC to present her newly released CD entitled ‘December Wishing.’

Backed up by the extraordinary talent of jazz guitarist John Albertson with this special holiday production Velinova aims to inspire people from all social and spiritual backgrounds.

We will gather at 12 noon and the concert will start at 12:30 pm so John can leave for another gig at 2 pm and Ana can have enough time for her flight back home to Seattle. We will serve lunch so come hungry for jazz and food!

Jazz Prayer Station with Ana Velinova Presenting Songs of Peace and Unity

Jazz Prayer Station with Ana Velinova Presenting Songs of Peace and Unity

Jazz Prayer Station with Ana Velinova Presenting Songs of Peace and Unity

Jazz vocalist, songwriter and poetess Ana Velinova has inspired diverse audiences with her wide range artistic talents. A native of Sofia, Bulgaria, Ana Velinova has lived and performed in the US and Canada since 1993. A highlight of her 2014 season is the release of two new albums reaching into the top #10 on the American and Canadian Top 40 Radio Jazz Charts. Ana Velinova holds a Master’s Degree in Jazz & Contemporary-Classical Voice Performance from the Longy School of Music in Boston and undergraduate studies in Vocal Jazz from the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. For more information visit her web site: anavelinova.com or Facebook Fan page.

Some time ago I had interviewed Ana (then still Gergana) and upon one of my visits to Bulgaria, which had coincided with hers, we paid respect together to the resting place of one of the earliest Baha’i pioneers in Bulgaria, Marion Jack.

Our paths to the Baha’i Faith — from Bulgaria and through music — are somewhat similar, and I can’t wait to introduce more of you to her talents.

Here is one of Ana’s poems — an ode to those who follow their unique path:

This Road

This road i walk on is narrow and hidden.
My bear body covered with thorns.
My mouth ever so dry.
Bloody drops drip from my small feet,
smear the soil and stones.
I meet others who travel,
wandering why i wish to walk here. Not there.
When all i could do is make a small step, change my direction.
Why do i only eat seeds,
when i could feast ’round the big human fires.

Why? Why? Why?
I don’t know.
Maybe i’m in love with a Bird
who’s tripping around, singing:
follow me, follow me,…and you shall find.
Yes, i do bleed.
Yet something inside me
pushes me forward, waters my mouth.
Maybe i ought to be crazy
when seeing the trails of my blood,
i hysterically laugh,
for it shows me that i am alive!

This road i walk on is narrow and hidden.
Here, you must learn to feed from the soul,
and drink from the lakes.
Here, you can shower with rain,
and shelter your body with blankets of leaves.
Here, you can talk to the plants,
and play with the beasts.
And when your heart tells you a poem at midnight,
you may ask the Moon kindly, she’ll lend you her light.

This road i walk on,
so narrow and hidden,
is just what i’ve searched for
since the day i was born.

The Jazz Prayer Station will take place at my home on November 9th, 2014 at 1 pm. Please let me know if planning to attend so I can plan the refreshments accordingly. It promises to be a fascinating event so you should not miss it — please, come along with your friends!

Until then, enjoy the beautiful song “Peace” from Ana’s new album “December Wishing”!

In His service,


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