Positive Response to Young Engineers’ Parenting

Positive Response to Young Engineers’ Parenting

The response to my post “Young Engineers” has been very positive so I want to share some of the feedback I received.

On Twitter, my post got selected as a favorite by several organizations including the  and got several retweets, including one by the Society of Women Engineers.

Such online conversations makes me wish I had a time machine so I could go back to my first year of college and share them with the few girls in a 90-strong class of future engineers. What’s not to love about girl engineers?! Inspiring! Awesome!

A co-worker who is a photographer and had asked me about my own photography send me this:

“You’ve got some great images on your websites and I really like how you’re encouraging your daughters to pursue their interests in science and engineering.  I firmly believe that girls/women can be just as successful in those fields as boys/men if they’re given the same opportunities.  We need more people like you to encourage them.  Keep up the great work!”

Inspiration for Young Engineers’ Parenting


Young Engineers' Parenting

Young Engineers’ Parenting

Inspiration online, of course, is plenteous: from the teen girl who is building her own car

… to the wonderful reminder of women’s engineering contributions by Project Lead The Way.

But inspiration has always been even closer to home — from my mom who has had a knack for optimizing production processes to several cousins who specialized in production automation.

Having started the new academic year, as we prepare for the beginning of the Baha’i children classes this autumn, let us remember this exhortation of ‘Abdu’l-Baha:

As to the education of children, exert every effort to further this; it is of the utmost importance. So too, the education of girls in all the rules of righteous conduct, that they may grow up with a good character and high standards of behaviour. For mothers are the first educators of the child, and every child at the beginning of life is like a fresh and tender branch in his parents’ hands. His father and mother can train him in any way they choose.
(‘Abdu’l-Bahá, from a Tablet – translated from the Persian)

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