Back Home with Andy Grammer

“I’m always home, wherever I am!” told me almost a year ago, on July 21, 2013, my then nine year old Sofia as I dropped her and her sister off home after our trip to Bulgaria, my home country. The next day in a moment of mindful reflection I told myself “I’m always home whenever I AM!”

Back Home with Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer's new album "Magazines or Novels"The beauty of the ability to BE one own’s unique self — and the powerful energy it generates — was brought home beautifully and rhythmically at Andy Grammer‘s concert last night, part of his “Back Home” tour to support his new album cleverly titled “Magazines or Novels”. The legendary Birchmere Music Hall hosting Andy’s concert on June 30, 2014 was dramatically different from the Ragtime Pub where I last saw him perform on April 28, 2009. Then only a friend of mine and I had gone to actually see him sing — the rest of the audience was hardly paying any attention, focused as they were on whatever sport the large TVs in the bar were showing. Yet Andy sang for us two as if he was singing to a stadium of devoted fans. And that is exactly what we witnessed last night — Andy Grammer and his band giving it all for the adoring fans in a musical venue intimate enough for us all to actually see him perform, yet big enough to give us a hint that Andy is just on the cusp of stadium-size stardom.

Venue differences aside, what has not changed was Andy’s devotion to his fans and to fun music with beautiful message: that we are all crazy beautiful, and we should keep our heads up, and we always come back home — back to friends and family who love us and let us be ourselves!

I had first seen Andy Grammer perform at the Tiny Planet concert he gave back in 2009. He had just self released an EP and charmed us all with his approachable sense of humor, gentle beatboxing, passionate singing and melodic hooks on the guitar.

A month later I was sharing a hotel room with Andy’s equally but differently talented father, Red Grammer, who was proudly sharing that his two sons had chosen two very different, in fact unique, paths of service.

I could feel Red’s warmth reflected in Andy last night as he welcomed us, a group of Baha’i friends, backstage. Perhaps more importantly though, I could feel throughout the evening Andy’s unique and generous energy: flowing from the stage into the audience and following us all back home — wherever that is that we can feel safe to be our own unique selves… as unique as Andy Grammer.


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