Lyft ride sharing with Ellen

My recent return from the motherland has put me very much in a reflective mode, turning every opportunity to interact with others into an inquiry of the messages they could possibly carry for me. What a delight, then, to take my first friendly ride sharing Lyft with the intelligent, multilingual, and beautiful Ellen.

Lyft ride sharing with Ellen

Lyft-LogoI needed a ride back home and since my Spacious friend Joey had sent me a discount code, I decided to download the Lyft app. Its interface was simple and very intuitive so in no time was I able to request a Lyft which automatically recognized my location and prompted me to enter my destination. With 5 min of total wait time, it surely beat calling a cab, not to mention that it was way cheaper than a regular taxi ride. I highly recommend it!

What was the most delightful, though, was the quality of the service! While  by habit I sat on the back seat, Ellen offered me a bottle of water and a purple glow stick, engaging me in the lively, natural conversation. Before I knew it, we were talking about our backgrounds, languages spoken, and music preferences. Invited by her, I even sang a portion of a song of mine which prompted her suggestion that I should try to sing more for audiences in DC. Maybe, that was the message for me and the days of the open mic are finally approaching?

In the mean time, should you need a ride, use this discount code which Ellen so generously provided:



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