Always at home

“And by the way, I am always at home!” – my 9 year old Sofia smiled and waved at me barefoot and relaxed on the front steps of her house while bidding me good-bye. It was the Sunday after we’d came back from Bulgaria, where we had spent two blissful weeks among my loved ones. That was the first morning I had had enough energy to get on my bike after a brutal stomach bug I had caught the day we landed at Dulles Airport, so I’d made a quick visit to bring some of dyado Zafir’s honey to Sofia, her 7 year old sister and their Colombian Au Pair; and now, I was ready to go back home alone…

“Do you mean that I can always call you since you are going to be home?” – I asked as I was mounting my bike.

“No,” she smiled, “wherever I am, I am home! I was home in Bulgaria, and I am home when at your apartment, and I am home here!”

Always at home

As the days of jet lagged readjustment into American lifestyle went by, I reflected on the wisdom in Sofia’s words and tried to find my own answer to the question “where is home?”… And on another bike ride, this time from home to work on a sunny summer morning, I realized:

Whenever I am true, I am home. Whenever, I am real, I am home. Whenever I do not avoid what my true calling is, I am home. Whenever I embrace the reality of who I am, I am home. Whenever I am present to my true self, I am home…

Whenever I AM, I am home!

Very much like when almost six years ago I reflected on the need for stillness; very much like the Louis de Funès-look-alike writer Pico Iyer who, meditating on the meaning of home in this beautiful TED video, concludes that home is wherever we stand still:

As to the constant distractions of life which so easily take us away from our stillness, from our true home, from who we really are, here is a beautiful prayer:

“Assist me, by Thy strengthening grace, O my Lord, to do what Thou didst will, and withhold not from me the things Thou dost possess. So enravish me with the wonders of Thine utterances that the noise and distraction of this world may be powerless to deter me from turning unto Thee, and may fail to shake my constancy in Thy Cause, or to distract my gaze from the horizon of Thy grace.”

~ Bahá’u’lláh, Prayers and Meditations by Bahá’u’lláh, p. 339

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