Reunited – an inspirating story of honesty and integrity

I am reposting this story of honesty and integrity which my friend Red Grammer just posted on his Facebook page simply because it is so heartwarming and we all need stories like this on a gloomy, cold Friday 🙂


Red Grammer reunited with his beloved guitarDear friends, you won’t believe the most amazing thing that happened to me yesterday…

Some of you may know that over a year ago my Martin M-36 guitar was stolen from a United Airlines baggage holding area at LAX. My flight was delayed, and as sometimes happens, the baggage came in on an earlier flight. When I got to LAX a few hours later the guitar was gone. It was a deep loss.

Many of my songs were written on this beautiful instrument and it was an old friend, having accompanied me all over the world. But it was its incredibly rich and sweet, well-balanced tone that I have missed so dearly.

Yesterday I met Kyle Crabb, the extraordinary man with me in the picture. A week ago Kyle unknowingly bought my guitar from a neighbor. Quickly realizing he had a very special instrument in his possession, he looked closely at the custom road case it had come in and noticed a metal label that had the name “Red Grammer” stamped on it. Intrigued, he spent some time researching me online. He noticed that in most of my promotional pictures I was holding the guitar he had just bought. His gut told him that this beautiful instrument was obviously very special to me and I would never have voluntarily given it up. Following his intuition he sent an email to my website asking if my guitar had been stolen. Imagine my excitement when I got his email! I replied that yes, it had been stolen, and included my phone number. He called a couple of hours later. He generously offered to return my guitar saying that he loved it but knew it had to be returned to its rightful owner. His only regret was that he needed a guitar to play. I offered him my Takemine back up guitar, a reasonably good one I almost never use, and a bit of money to help offset his loss. He instantly agreed.

Yesterday we met in Seal Beach, California where we exchanged instruments and I got to thank him personally for reuniting me with my beloved guitar. This is a man who truly lives the words…

“Let the light of truth and honesty shine from your faces so that all may know that your word, in business or pleasure, is a word to trust and be sure of.” ~ Bahá’u’lláh

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