“Static” at Clarendon Day

"Static" performing at Clarendon DayNavigating with my bike through the crowd of Clarendon Day on my way to see Katie the Florist at the Arlington Farmers’ Market, I was stopped “in my tracks” by the unmistakable sound of a live rock band. The lead singer had a deep voice which reminded me of the wave of confident female singers which had puzzled — and delighted — my eardrums upon arriving in the U.S. 17 years ago. You would understand my surprise when glancing at the band on the stage  I realized that its members had probably not been even born back in 1995.

Lead singer of "Static" performing at Clarendon Day

I was transported back in the time to the first concert of my first rock band “Latona” which had — to the surprise of my own brother — put an academically inclined 8th grader on the stage, performing Bulgarian covers of Western pop hits (imagine the Bulgarian version of YMCA by “Village People”… or how about “1-2-3-4 Red Light” by Teens?!).

“Static”, the band performing at the Clarendon stage finished their set with an original song “Going Away”. I had to smile and admire these kids who braved singing their own song — something I had dared only with my second band, in the 11th grade.

While the musicians were somewhat timid on stage, it was nice to see their families and friends cheer for them. Equally importantly, I have only admiration to Arlington County for making a family event like Clarendon Day even more meaningful by letting the youth showcase their developing talents.

Audience cheering for "Static" at Clarendon Day

After their performance I stopped by to talk with the musicians from “Static” — a group of three 14 year olds and a 15 year old united by their love for music.

Their group photo was not exactly complete without their 12 year old bassist who had to be on stage performing with his other band, “The Unexpected”, but it was nice to capture their confident smiles.

Youth rocking Clarendon Day

For more photos of “Static”, go to my Flickr photo stream. And if you have a chance to encourage young musicians, please do so!

2 Responses to ““Static” at Clarendon Day

  • Thanks for your post. This is the first year we tried this, with the youth bands, and I think it turned out great. Glad you agree.
    Matt Hussmann
    Clarendon Alliance

  • Harrie,Vicky
    8 years ago

    does anyone happen to know Michael Quinn who use to be in this community- well ages ago. i saw the bahai prayers which he would know about.

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