Tribute to Mr. Ian Semple at the Prayer Station

I met him only once, during my pilgrimage to the Holy Land, back in 2006. Today, Mr. Ian Semple, former member of the Universal House of Justice, passed away. As I was getting ready for the Prayer Station tonight, I saw on Facebook the release from Baha’i News. A friend had re-posted it along with a link to Mr. Semple’s talk on Obedience. Talk about synchronicity. As I was reading this thought-provoking piece, I was reflecting on my life and the loves of those I cared for or I continued to care for. I will say prayers for his soul’s progress tonight, I promised to myself, and then a friend suggested that somebody should set a tribute page so people can share stories of Mr. Semple. That is all it took — a suggestion — and a few minutes later the Facebook page was on: Tribute to Mr. Ian Semple, former member of the Universal House of Justice. What a life of service! What an inspiration!

Tonight’s Prayer Station brought together four men from four different countries — Ethiopia, Turkmenistan, USA and Bulgaria. Hillary brought his guitar so the recorded music was replaced by live songs. The readings on the topic of the Advent stayed, and so did the prayers: from the promised prayer for Mr. Ian Semple, to the healing prayers requested for the daughter of a Kenyan friend, to prayers for the infant grandson of an Israeli friend who contacted me through this blog, to prayers for my loved ones. the banana bread was a hit and thankfully I baked two loaves, so one will be for my colleagues tomorrow.

May peace be with you all! And may your soul rejoices as you meet the Blessed Beauty, dear Mr. Semple!

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