Eric Harper’s song “Somebody Else’s Love Story” from his CD “Eric Harper”

After Eric Harper’s “You Complete Me”, let’s continue the interview about his new CD “Eric Harper”:

Q. What would you like to share about your collaborators and in particular the other singers featured on the CD.

A. I had the honor of working with some of the best performers on this album. I was very happy with all of them and the greatest thing about working with the highest quality is how quickly everything gets done. When you work with lesser quality you find yourself second guessing the song. Even with poor quality equipment. You can have the best written song in the world but if you’re using poor equipment or poor performances the song won’t shine. So thanks to all these collaborators I was able to get the best takes on the best equipment with the best producer. Truly a magical combination. – The other two singers [Tamara Martella and Gergana Velinova] on the CD were so gracious and generous to donate their talent and time on this CD. They came in and in no time at all had their parts laid down. I was so happy with the results and how powerful everything came out. It left me with a great feeling and looking forward to collaborating with other artists in the near future.

Somebody Else’s Love Story

Saw the leaves change from green to red
Something in the air told me winter was coming
As I inclined my head I could see
That now your heart was in somebody else’s love story

If there’re no happy endings
If there’s no such thing as love stories
Then why’d you promise me some fairy tale?

And somewhere a prince fades from history
Written for a tale that no one can remember
Turns to his love but all he sees
Is that her heart is in somebody else’s love story


Let’s tell a story
With pages of pain ripped from my bleeding heart
What consolation
Would you have me sing
To rid the memories from the hole in my heart

…my heart
…my heart

Nothing left here but a withered dream
Etched in my heart like gnarled tree trunk promises
To survive the years for all to see
Now that your heart is in somebody else’s love story

If there’re no happy endings
If there’s no such thing as love stories
If nothing can turn this page
Then how will I end our love story?

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