Eric Harper On Flamenco – Under The Lunar Sky

Here is the conclusion of the interview with Eric Harper about his new CD “Eric Harper”:

Q. A friend in high school introduced me to Tarrega and Albeniz when we were in the same band. That is where your “Under The Lunar Sky” brought me. Who inspires you musically?

A.  My biggest inspirations are pretty much anyone with a great melody and lush harmonies. I love Lady Gaga for her melodies. They’re unbeatable. If someone could write melodies like that using deeper lyrical content they would be unstoppable. I still love Vicente Amigo for flamenco. He will always be my hero, i think as far as nylon guitar goes.. Recently I’ve been listening to Janelle Monae and Jamie Lidell. Janelle has a stellar voice and Jaimie finds the strangest sounds that he’s simply fascinating. Had a healthy diet of Dave Matthews there for a while. Love his sounds. My favorite male singer would have to be Jeff Buckley. Damn shame he passed away. Basically, I’ll listen to just about anything if the melody moves me.

Q. Flamenco for us in North America has probably different meaning than for those living in the Iberian Peninsula. Are you a purist? Do you relate more to Gypsy Kings or Paco de Lucia or Vicente Amigo?

A.  I’m very much a purist when it comes to Flamenco. If you’re playing with a pick and calling it Flamenco then I’m very disappointed. I love Paco and Vicente and deeply respect the Gypsy Kings. It’s when we get into Nouveau Flamenco that I become such a purest. I can understand it. It’s watered down Flamenco so the masses can grasp it. But once you go to Spain you’ll have a different opinion on Flamenco. Flamenco, to me, has to be experienced live from a Gypsy in the streets of Madrid who can outplay most of my instructors and is only 10 years old, begging for money. It’s raw. It’s bare. It’s naked. It’s fire ignited by passion.

Thank you, Eric Harper, for sharing your time and talent, and thank you, my readers, for helping support Eric’s art by purchasing his CD!

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  • Mehrtash Olson
    10 years ago

    Thank you Mitko and Eric. I have enjoyed reading all the parts of this ongoing conversation.

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