Eric Harper interviewed about his new CD “Eric Harper”

Eric HarperI’ve tremendously enjoyed Eric Harper’s new CD “Eric Harper” but I was so taken away by the beautiful music that I could never focus on the lyrics. So I decided to ask Eric for the lyrics so I could read them as I listen to the CD. Next came the idea to ask him questions related more or less to each song of the CD. Eric generously shared his thoughts, and the result is this improvised interview:

Q. How was writing these songs different from writing for your Portuguese CD or the previous ones with your previous band, MimosA.

A. I would have to say that in one sense this album was harder to write than the Portuguese album merely because, with the Portuguese album, the lyrics were already taken care of. The MimosA albums had their challenges as well as it was a collaboration. This new album was more me on my own than anything else. I had started writing it almost 4 years ago while in a little cafĂ© in Victoria, BC. The guitar idea for Rain came to me while enjoying a nice mocha. Kristian and I would later write the lyrics for that song. There is a freedom to writing alone but there’s also the risk of things sounding banal. Einstein talks about the group genius and this is also true in the [Baha’i] Faith where the more human elements you put together on a consultative level the greater the vision can be. But as I had all these songs that didn’t quite match the MimosA sound, I thought it was a good time to get them recorded through another means, through another producer and on my own.

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