Worthy to soar

Today, during Tae Kwan Do practice, I was trying to mentally visualize pushing my body higher for a kick, when I realized that sometimes very recently I’d had a feeling long forgotten — that of  soaring in my dream. I used to fly in my dreams a lot during my childhood and my dad always sad that it was a sign I was growing. I would use my hands as wings, sometimes; other times I would just push myself off an imaginary layer of air and go on a higher level. It was a nice realization that I have not lost this feeling of free flying. Perhaps I am growing again?

I’ve often wondered what keeps us down. It is so subtle sometimes — what could be a safety anchor in one situation could be a drowning weight in another. Sometimes, what holds us down is what others tells us about us; other times, it is what we tell ourselves.

Last night my brother’s father-in-law passed away after having been very sick and bed-ridden for years. When I called my sister-in-law to offer my condolences, she agreed with me that he is now in a better place. And as I prayed for the progress of his soul, I wondered again what it is that frees the wings of our souls. Is physical death the only way to be free of the ballast of life?

Enter thou My presence, that thou mayest behold what the eye of the universe hath never beheld, and hear that which the ear of the whole creation hath never heard, that haply thou mayest free thyself from the mire of vague fancies, and set thy face towards the Most Sublime Station, wherein this Wronged One calleth aloud: “The Kingdom is God’s, the Almighty, the All-Praised!” We fain would hope that through thine exertions the wings of men may be sanctified from the mire of self and desire, and be made worthy to soar in the atmosphere of God’s love. Wings that are besmirched with mire can never soar. Unto this testify they who are the exponents of justice and equity, and yet the people are in evident doubt.
(Baha’u’llah, Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, p. 130)

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  • Katherine
    10 years ago

    Thank you Mitko! I used to dream of flying in very much the same way, when I was a child. So glad to find and read your post!

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