Music, nature, and friends complete me

Quick update, for life is speeding yet its appreciation is slow…

After an amazing turn out of 35 people for the “Music for the Soul” concert, and a couple of birthday parties, I headed to the Shenandoah National Park to camp in honor of independence, and to listen to Eric Harper’s new brilliant CD.

Every turn on the Skyline Drive offered a new beautiful vista of nature, and every song of the CD offered a new soundscape of unsurpassed beauty. Eric’s guitar work is, of course, impeccable but combined with his unique voice makes this collection of 10 songs enjoyable on some visceral level. I have been playing this CD on repeat non-stop! This morning I woke up with Eric’s new song “Starry Night” (which by the way stars the gorgeous voice of Tamara Martella and the background singing of Bulgarian Gergana Velinova) and there is nothing better than starting the day with good coffee, mixed with flamenco guitar and sweet voices!

For those more visually inclined, “You Complete Me” is ready to taste but I highly recommend buying the actual CD, getting into your car, cranking the speakers and enjoying real, genuine, energetic, gorgeous, uplifting music!

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