The Glory of the Bab

O congregation of the Bayan, and all who are therein! Recognize ye the limits imposed upon you, for such a One as the Point of the Bayan Himself hath believed in Him Whom God shall make manifest, before all things were created. Therein, verily, do I glory before all who are in the kingdom of heaven and earth. Suffer not yourselves to be shut out as by a veil from God after He hath revealed Himself. For all that hath been exalted in the Bayan is but as a ring upon My hand, and I Myself am, verily, but a ring upon the hand of Him Whom God shall make manifest — glorified be His mention! He turneth it as He pleaseth, for whatsoever He pleaseth, and through whatsoever He pleaseth. He, verily, is the Help in Peril, the Most High.

The Bab, Selections from the Writings of the Bab, p. 168

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  • In many ways I have a soft spot for the Bab. There’s a young man’s verve in his Writings mingled with something ancient and eternal. I often miss out on Baha’i holidays, but I’ll try do something to commemorate the Bab this month. Cheers!

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