Arlington Discussion on The Baha’i Faith – God’s Covenant Fulfilled

I bear witness to Thy unity and Thy oneness, and that Thou art God, and that there is none other God beside Thee. Thou hast, verily, revealed Thy Cause, fulfilled Thy Covenant, and opened wide the door of Thy grace to all that dwell in heaven and on earth.
(From the Baha’i Holy Writings)

Dear friends! May your new year be a healthy and happy one!

I invite you and your loved ones to the first of two devotional discussions on the Eternal Covenant of God. The first one, this Monday, Jan 4th, will focus on how the Baha’i Faith fulfills God’s covenant with humanity. The second one, next Monday, Jan 11th, will focus on what is humanity’s role in fulfilling its part of the Covenant with God.

We will start with a light dinner at 7:30 pm to be followed by an opening prayer and the discussion itself.

Feel free to invite anyone who might be interested in learning more about the Baha’i Faith and its promise for humanity. Letting me know if you plan on coming would make it easier to plan the refreshments but not letting me know should not prevent you from joining me.

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