Hiking adventure and gratitude

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I had a wonderful day hiking Old Rag Mountain in Virginia. I find that being close to nature in the company of a wonderful friend is so nourishing. We shared a beautiful adventure, beautiful vistas, beautiful prayers — all on … Continued

Justice, Human or Divine

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Today I witnessed how unfair human justice can be. But I am a firm believer in Divine Justice: He hath extended assistance to every wayfarer, hath graciously responded to every petitioner and granted admittance to every seeker after truth. In … Continued

Prayer Station Invitation: House Concert with Katharine Key on Oct 12

Dear friends, At the most recent Interfaith Prayer Station, several representatives of the Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and Baha’i communities reflected on how worshiping God binds us together regardless of our religious backgrounds. We also listened to inspired poetry highlighting the … Continued