Unavoidable Journey

From Monday’s Prayer Station readings:

(Now) when a man sets out on a journey, he takes provisions with him;
If it be for one day’s march, he takes provisions for two days;
If it be for two days’ march, he takes provisions for three;
If it be for ten days’ march, he takes provisions for fifteen;
And he thinks that he will come back in health to his well-beloved friends, parents, and brethren.

How then is it that men take no provisions for that unavoidable journey,
On which one must go once for all, for all eternity?

(Zoroastrianism, The Zend-Avesta)

The tree which fills the arms grew from the tiniest sprout; the tower of nine storeys rose from a (small) heap of earth;
the journey of a thousand li commenced with a single step.

(Taoism, Tao Te Ching)

O Thou, my God! Who guidest the seeker to the pathway that leadeth aright, Who deliverest the lost and blinded soul out of the wastes of perdition, Thou Who bestowest upon the sincere great bounties and favors, Who guardest the frightened within Thine impregnable refuge, Who answerest, from Thine all-highest horizon, the cry of those who cry out unto Thee. Praised be Thou, O my Lord! Thou hast guided the distracted out of the death of unbelief, and hast brought those who draw nigh unto Thee to the journey’s goal, and hast rejoiced the assured among Thy servants by granting them their most cherished desires, and hast, from Thy Kingdom of beauty, opened before the faces of those who yearn after Thee the gates of reunion, and hast rescued them from the fire of deprivation and loss – so that they hastened unto Thee and gained Thy presence, and arrived at Thy welcoming door, and received of gifts an abundant share.

(Bahá’í Faith, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá)

It’s never too late to start preparing for the unavoidable journey. Would you join me?

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