Divine Remembrance

I am exhausted but amazed and grateful for the marvelous power of God’s Messenger for this day and age. Baha’u’llah is lining up for me both blessings and tests in such a remarkable way that there is no doubt His purpose is to cleanse me of all defilement and make me a purer channel of His love so I can get closer and closer to God.

Baha'i Chorale FestivalThe 3rd Baha’i Chorale Festival was just outstanding. I will be reflecting on this amazing experience later but just to mention briefly — the weekend was filled with encounters with amazing souls, each one of which had a silent gift to give me along with inspiration for more and more dedicated service to the Blessed Beauty and God’s creation.

I had many heartfelt talks with my wonderful roommate and many others and had an opportunity to pray and pray and pray at the Mother-Temple.

I did not have time to prepare for a solo with the Metropolitan Washington Baha’i Chorale but then Van Gilmer honored me with an opportunity to be part of a group of soloists who each contributed a different but beautiful voice to the gorgeous song “O Baha’u’llah”. What an honor to sing with Roya, George, Roxy, Sean and yes, Red Grammer, and 150 other talented singers at the top of my lungs “May my life be a sacrifice to Thee, may my soul be offered up for Thee”. What a spiritual experience to sing “I am going back to my Father”, then “He has come back as He said that He would and I am so glad I found Him” and finally “Rejoyce Ye With Great Joy”. Just wait for the “Sacred Songs III” live CD to be out! These two concerts were out of this world!

Coming back home I had soft landing into the “real” world with the Prayer Station which gave Baher and me an opportunity to encourage a seeker who had grown up in a Baha’i family but is now searching independently for truth. Is there any better way to look for the truth?

In addition to the prayers and selection of Holy Writings on the theme of Divine Remembrance, we listened to two songs, the first one of which was “Cause Me To Taste” by Van Gilmer from the Canadian performance of the Metropolitan Washington Baha’i Chorale:

Cast not away, O my Lord, him that hath turned towards Thee, nor suffer him who hath drawn nigh unto Thee to be removed far from Thy court. Dash not the hopes of the suppliant who hath longingly stretched out his hands to seek Thy grace and favors, and deprive not Thy sincere servants of the wonders of Thy tender mercies and loving-kindness. Forgiving and Most Bountiful art Thou, O my Lord! Power has Thou  to do what Thou pleasest. All else but Thee are impotent before the revelations of Thy might, are as lost in the face of the evidences of Thy wealth, are as nothing when compared with the manifestations of Thy transcendent sovereignty, and are destitute of all strength when face to face with the signs and tokens of Thy power. What refuge is there beside Thee, O my Lord, to which I can flee, and where is there a haven to which I can hasten? Nay, the power of Thy might beareth me witness! No protector is there but Thee, no place to flee to except Thee, no refuge to seek save Thee. Cause me to taste, O my Lord, the divine sweetness of Thy remembrance and praise. I swear by Thy might! Whosoever tasteth of its sweetness will rid himself of all attachment to the world and all that is therein, and will set his face towards Thee, cleaned from the remembrance of anyone except Thee.
(Baha’u’llah, Prayers and Meditations by Baha’u’llah, p. 82)

The second one was a gorgeous rendition by Ava of “Ay Yadeh To / Thy Remembrance”. Ava was gracious enough to respond to my request for help with the translation of the lyrics to this beautiful Persian song. She replied:

“I’m glad that you are playing this song. The song is about how when you remember Him, all the sadness will go away, and you ask Him (The Blessed Beauty) to be on your side… And you will get more power and strength by saying Allah’u’Abha…”

I will keep on remembering Him for He has never forgotten me:

I bear witness that Thou hadst turned toward Thy servants ere they had turned toward Thee, and hadst remembered them ere they had remembered Thee.

Allah’u’Abha! God is All-Glorious!

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