Ruhi 1 appreciation

I just sent a reminder to my fellow participants in the Ruhi 1 study circle “Reflection on the Life of the Spirit”. We have two more sessions left, and I have been sending weekly reminders and updates so that those who might have missed a session are not left alone. The message our group received by one of its participants was uplifting and humbling! I post it here not to brag but to share the power of transformation these weekly study circles have had on us:

I don’t want to entice you too much to join us this Monday night, and the next, but our last session was a soul-stirrer and a heart-warmer of the first order.  How many meetings actually educate one on the very purpose of life and give one the incentive to live the deepest, most meaningful and purposeful life?  That’s what last Monday did for us. Every person on this list who was not present was genuinely and thoroughly missed.  Every single soul in this group has most positively inspired me and led me to thoughts I would otherwise not have had.

I’d also like to say to every single soul who has ever before attended these sessions at Mitko’s – think it or not, beautiful spiritual bonds are formed between and among us all who are present,  between these profound readings of the holy Creative Word and the light shed on them by the thoughtful comments of the friends, the deeply meaningful prayers we say for each other and ourselves – there is a whole lot going on at Mitko’s – so please please return, make an effort to be there.  The profundities and the subleties of what transpires there in apartment 311 absolutely positively must reflect – eternally – in the very essence of our beings.

Oh, did I mention the great teas, salads, and Bulgarian savory puffy pastry at Mitko’s?  Soul, mind, body – I can’t think of much else that needs to be fulfilled…

Lest we think this has anything to do with us, here is Abdu’l Baha’s perspective:

Therefore, the Lord of mankind has caused His holy, divine Manifestations to come into the world. He has revealed His heavenly Books in order to establish spiritual brotherhood and through the power of the Holy Spirit has made it practicable for perfect fraternity to be realized among mankind. And when through the breaths of the Holy Spirit this perfect fraternity and agreement are established amongst men — this brotherhood and love being spiritual in character, this loving-kindness being heavenly, these constraining bonds being divine — a unity appears which is indissoluble, unchanging and never subject to transformation. It is ever the same and will forever remain the same.
(Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 391)

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