Spreading the fire

How can you even attempt to describe what only the heart and soul can experience as a flood of gratitude and all-embracing love and elation?

It is too late now to write in detail but I am back from the Atlanta Baha’i Conference. We traveled by bus so we came back home at 5 am. I had to go to work and prepare after work for the Prayer Station devotional gathering (the usual salad, banitsa, banana bread and to spice things up in the cold winter night, a hot compote made of dried fruits). It all worked out fine. Nancy brought along Mariama and her neighbor, Julia, who so loved the quotations from Abdu’l-Baha’s “Paris Talks” that I gave her a copy of the book to read, after of course, going with her through the visual (Anna’s) presentation on the Baha’i Faith.

The fire of love is spreading and that was the theme of the devotional gathering. But that fire was sparked by being among 4000 other Baha’is in Atlanta to study the message of the Universal House of Justice calling us each to play our role in the establishment of world unity:

Undeflected by the turmoil and distractions of the world around you, direct your energies to the task at hand with expanded vision and renewed consecration. New achievements invariably bring new challenges. Every steadfast believer is called to a faith and determination, a commitment to unity and sacrifice that will lift the Cause to a new stage in its development. May all find a part to play.

And that fire of love was nurtured by witnessing the most diverse concert one could imagine: Ali Youssefi and his sister, Nasim, and friends, the Baha’i Youth choir which literary rocked the house, New Creation with Talia Johnson, One Human Family choir with Tangela Stanley, Devon Gundry and friends, and last but not least a joint choir with David Guillory and the youngest guitar player (see the photo) singing a joyful reggae “We are one, under the sun”.

Spread the fire! Baha’u’llah has come to unite humanity!

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