An old dream comes true

When I was in the 7th grade, I dreamed of being a journalist and covering major events for the Bulgarian National TV. I would follow on a map the war between Iran and Iraq and “cover” it, in a brief summary, for my classmates. The way I perceived the world then, very much shaped by what I saw on TV and in my classroom, was about the nonsense of wars and the desire for peace. I could not have imagined then being part of the answer to humanity’s desperate call for peace.

For reasons that are of no consequence today, that same year I decided to switch my field of study from English language to… mathematics and computers. That was of course the end of my journalistic pursuits.

Today something I had always thought to be cool but impossible became a reality with practically no effort and a little help from Facebook. Last night I was asked for permission to use in an article by the Baha’i News Service the photos I had taken during the Atlanta Baha’i Conference. I gladly provided the high resolution version of the photos and the news editors chose to use eight of them for the article!

So, there you have it: I helped to cover a major historic event (and that conference was exactly that) for a major news organization (Baha’i News Service)!

A dream has come true — and all simply because I was obedient to the Universal House of Justice!

God is kind and glorious and His confirmations are pouring in. Thank you, Baha’u’llah, and thank you, dear Baha’i brothers and sisters!

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  • Congratulations! It shows you that one way or another, your dreams become reality…and in ways you couldn’t have predicted in the seventh grade!

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