Joyous feast

The Feast tonight was joyous for so many reasons but most of all because of two phone calls:

First came the news, delivered to me by a cell phone call as I was biking across Key Bridge from Georgetown to Arlington, that Mariama had declared! She is Nancy’s Malian neighbor who attended a fireside less than a month ago, then attended our devotional and joined our Ruhi 1 study circle. She spoke so eloquently tonight of her joy and gratitude of finding the truth of God and her eagerness to help others discover that truth for themselves!

Then came the news that my little daughters and their mommy were having a Feast of their own at home, with all three parts: prayers, prayer songs, consultation on what makes them happy (the love of God, said one, and planting the rose of love in the garden of your heart, said the other), and agreed on a service project — saying prayers for all children in the neighborhood — and then feasted on… peanuts 🙂

How can one not be happy at such a feast! Ya’Baha’ul’Abha!

The joyous feasts which these companions, despite their extremely modest earnings, continually offered in honor of their Beloved; the gatherings, lasting far into the night, in which they loudly celebrated, with prayers, poetry and song, the praises of the Báb, of Quddus and of Bahá’u’lláh; the fasts they observed; the vigils they kept; the dreams and visions which fired their souls, and which they recounted to each other with feelings of unbounded enthusiasm; the eagerness with which those who served Bahá’u’lláh performed His errands, waited upon His needs, and carried heavy skins of water for His ablutions and other domestic purposes; the acts of imprudence which, in moments of rapture, they occasionally committed; the expressions of wonder and admiration which their words and acts evoked in a populace that had seldom witnessed such demonstrations of religious transport and personal devotion — these, and many others, will forever remain associated with the history of that immortal period, intervening between the birth hour of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation and its announcement on the eve of His departure from Iraq.

(Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By, p. 135)

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