Badasht Community – Thank God for Baha’i Artists

BadashtBadasht is not just a CD anymore. As JB Eckl and Eric Dozier were sharing (and implicitly promising) during the Baha’i Thanksgiving Conference last November, the idea is encourage the use of arts in our devotionals and to enhance our community lives through music and participatory creativity. Here comes “Badasht Community“, a website providing “practical tools for enhancing the worship experience of the Bahá’í community worldwide and to promote  the implementation of the arts at the grassroots level”. The site features a growing collection of beautiful Baha’i songs, along with instructions and chords for guitar and piano:

Truly amazing resources and generosity! Thank God for Baha’i artists!

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  • great link Mitko!! Thanks!

  • Hello there,
    I’m a Baha’i artist and recently started my own blog. It is so much fun! Everyday I try to find another Baha’i blog to visit, so I was really excited to find this one! I have been the resident artist/teacher for our Baha’i school for years. One of the intentions of my blog is to create and post tutorials for Baha’i inspired creative projects for groups of people. So far I have one up “The Bouquet of Humanity” and others will follow soon……..

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