Spiritual Education for Children in Northern Virginia

I am back from Bulgaria, in more than one ways. Re-adjusting is never easy. The best way is by putting myself in service to others.

Over the past two days I assisted Justin in launching a beautiful new site on spiritual education for children in Northern Virginia.

And having practiced in other neighborhoods and in our own home, today for the first time we did what we’ve been called for so long — we went to a nearby neighborhood with two blankets, set of coloring sheets, crayons, bubbles, songs, our own children and trust in God. It all went in a classical way — first hesitation — we went to the playground, saw no other children, and were ready to go to another park. The girls had a different idea — they wanted to play on the jungle gym. As they took their time, one girl from the neighborhood showed up, and that was enough for us. We went to the meadow in the middle of the apartment complex, spread the blankets and started with the bubble song and coloring. Before long, there were 7 non-Baha’i children coloring, learning about unity, and singing “We are drops of one ocean”. Everything felt absolutely natural. A couple of mothers stopped by to see what we were doing. It was great that we were in front of everybody — they could see what their kids were doing and they were clearly pleased and grateful that we were working with their children. The kids themselves had fun and said they can’t wait until next Saturday to continue with the class.

It feels great to be obedient. I feel today we were obedient to God and to the Faith’s institutions. Thank you Baha’u’llah!

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