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Today I came to work for the first time on a bike since I broke my nose and splintered a wrist in early June following a bike crush. I was more caucious that usual down the steep hills when approaching Rosslyn but crossing the Potomac and seeing Georgetown in the bright sunlight was as beautiful as before. That is my little contribution to carbon-neutral commuting to work.

The Arlington County Fair was heavily promoting the idea of living without a car and it seems I am ahead of the bell curve in this. Recently I signed up for ZipCar, the carsharing service where you can rent a car by the hour. And I walk a lot. Now, that does not make me particularly web exercised but it is a step in the right direction. I am still as shy as before about group sports. The other morning I watched a group of guys playing volleyball in the park and I wondered how one finds sports buddies. I live in a unique place where within few hundred meters from my apartment there are tennis courts, swimming pool and what not. So, one of my Olympics-inspired ambitions is to try to overcome the fear of sport that has been burdening me ever since I almost broke my back in 5th grade when doing some crazy gymnastics unsupervised.

Blessings to all!

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