Life in hand

I stand, life in hand, ready; that perchance, through God’s loving-kindness and grace, this revealed and manifest Letter may lay down his life as a sacrifice in the path of the Primal Point, the Most Exalted Word.
— Bahá’u’lláh, quoted by Shoghi Effendi on the opening paragraph of The Dawn-Breakers

Today is the day of the Martyrdom of the Primal Point, the Bab, and I am very emotional. I was unable to attend my community’s commemoration of this Holy Day. I had to sit at a dull and rather annoying personnel law training at work, and the only bright light, besides the news that the Baha’i shrines have been chosen as World Heritage sites, was that a colleague sitting next to me asked me about the plans for my departure tomorrow to Bulgaria which lead to a question about the Baha’i Faith and a short conversation on the similarities with the teachings of the Buddha which she tries to practice.

As I am writing this, I am putting together compilations of CDs for my children of audio stories of the life of the Blessed Beauty and soothing music which illustrates artistically these same stories. I will dedicate my life to making sure that my daughters have the spiritual protection of the Baha’i Faith and for this I am infinitely grateful to the Bab and Baha’u’llah.

Which brings me to the point of where I feel I stand today — at a turning point of my life. And the Bab’s Martyrdom and the sacrifice of His followers are a guiding light. May my trip tomorrow be a first step in that new direction. May the Blessed Beauty protects me and my loved ones.

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  • you ARE going to bulgaria!! 🙂 that is fabulous!! i hope you will be able to blog about it. since i almost ended up being there i will certainly be motivated to send my prayers instead. 🙂 have such a wonderful trip!! i leave for finland on tuesday.

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