Choosing the good news

While trying to deal with the bad news that were recently delivered to me, I am choosing to write about the good news:

BulgariaThere is going to be an intensive program of growth in Sofia, Bulgaria, this summer, from July to September. All Baha’is, veterans and new, who took part in the birth of the Bulgarian Baha’i community but are now scattered around the world, have been invited to a spiritual reunion in helping spread the healing message of Baha’u’llah in Bulgaria.

This is from the invitation:

For our teaching project to succeed, we will need visiting travel teachers who can come either for short or longer periods. We especially need young people and those experienced in direct teaching. Our dear Bulgarian friends abroad and those already familiar with Bulgaria will, of course, be of particular assistance!

And this is from Abdu’l-Baha’s talks recorded in “The Promulgation of Universal Peace”, inviting us to appreciate the uniqueness of these days:

The doors of the Kingdom are opened. The lights of the Sun of Truth are shining. The clouds of divine mercy are raining down their priceless jewels. The zephyrs of a new and divine springtime are wafting their fragrant breaths from the invisible world. Know ye then the value of these days.

I’ve been reading the emails sent back and forth among the friends who are considering going back home and it is so humbling and exciting to be witnessing the next stage of growth of this community to which I owe so much. I hope to be able to join the friends and teach, but if unable to do it in person, I will certainly be keeping them all, and the teaching project, in my prayers; I invite you all to pray for the success of this teaching project too.

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