When a soul is receptive, the skills of the teachers are irrelevant

Here is a brief report about our follow up last night at a neighborhood that initially was perceived as not so receptive. But as last night showed us, even in non-receptive neighborhoods, there are receptive souls! I feel the Blessed Beauty was with us because everything went so effortlessly. No doubt being unified in thought and prayer in advance helped. But probably more importantly, when a soul is receptive even if the teachers don’t do it perfectly right, the beauty of Baha’u’llah’s healing message penetrates the hearts.

We had two apartments to visit:

Map of MoroccoFirst was the apartment of a young woman who had not explicitly said she wanted us to follow up but was so positive and spiritual in her reaction to the description of the Faith that we decided to risk it and knock on her door again. She was not at home but her mother was there. Her mother was very nice and open about her Muslim faith. She was accepting of all religions that lead to the One True God. They are from Morocco and she was pleased to hear of a family connection I had there — my father had worked there for an year and was left with very positive impressions of the people’s hospitality. Most importantly, the mother thanked us for stopping by and I believe we left a positive impression on her. It is very important that should her daughter decide to call us — we had left our phone numbers last Saturday — the mother would feel not threatened. We will certainly keep this family in our prayers.

Map of VenezuelaSecond was the apartment of a Spanish speaking family whose husband indicated that he had heard of the Baha’i Faith once but we should come back another time because they were having a guest already. Just as the first time we knocked on the door, we were invited inside — nobody else had done this for us before. The mother welcomed us and she said at first that we should probably come back another time because her husband was not at home and his English was better. But her English was pretty impressive anyway, and we were encouraged to talk. As we started to talk about the Faith, we tried to be very flexible and respond to her questions. We did not stick strictly to the visual presentation but whether this was wise or not only time, and God, will tell. This family is from Venezuela. The mother was adopted as a baby by a protestant minister, I want to say Jehovah’s Witness but I am not sure. She is very disillusioned with the organized religions she knows. She was very surprised that she had never heard of the Baha’i Faith — we referred to the early days of Christianity when very few people had heard of it too. She sees most organized religions as a business which is only interested in people’s money — we shared that in our Faith contributions to the Fund are encouraged but a totally secret and the individual decides how much, if at all, to contribute, and that 1 dollar given from a pure heart is better than a million dollars given insincerely.

While our host was disillusioned with the religions she knew of, she and her family read the Bible and pray at home. They do not go to church anymore — their home is their church. We talked about the fact that in the Baha’i Faith there are no priests because we are encouraged to search for truth independently. Her husband has apparently studied theology but quit disillusioned because to continue his study had meant to stop believing. They have two teenage children, a girl who is 15 and a boy who is 12 who both play the piano. We mentioned youth classes focusing on virtues, spirituality, obedience and independence, and it seems that might be of interest to the mother. We mentioned prayer meetings and I would certainly suggest we invite them to such meetings. I also feel we should invite them to the firesides taking place not far from her home each Friday. Our host had quite a few specific questions — particular issues for her were Prophethood (her personal connection with God was a key for her), and resurrection of the soul on the Day of Judgment. We tried to briefly answered her questions by affirming that God is unknowable in His essence, but through the teachings and lives His Messengers, but we also had to go home to put our girls to bed, so we left the deeper theological discussions for another time. We were invited to come back again at a different time when her husband will be there and she promised to call us.

Please keep this family, as well as ours, in your prayers. God is Most Glorious!

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  • Try offering a devotional at their home. That’s what’s happening tomorrow night at the home of a new family we met.

    Neat! Baha’is visiting a familiy of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 🙂

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