Spirit and Nature

This morning I witnessed a wonderful discussion on the Wilmette Institute forum and with permission from the participants, I will repost Brent’s response to Ernest:

Ernest observes: “Is it that things of the spirit are not subject to strict mathematical laws?”

I think that’s a good observation. When God decided to give us water, He didn’t say, “Here’s a glass of water, 12 ounces exactly.” He said: “Mountain. Sun. Cloud. Stream.”

When He gave us orange juice, He didn’t say, “Box, sugar, reconstituted semi-palatable juice.” He said, “Tree. Ground. Sun. Leaves. Oranges.”

And likewise in the spiritual realm, when He gives us guidance, it is a growing, organic thing.

Sometimes the Tablets look like the forces of nature:


nature 1



Letter to the 12th Letter of the Living

Tablet to Baha'u'llah

Or maybe it is that the forces of nature resemble the Tablets?

Wow! Indeed one realizes with awe that regardless of our preoccupation with the physical world, the world of the spirit does not limit itself to the laws of the physical. A mention of quantum physics would be an illustration, albeit an inadequate one, of what happens at the point of the intersection of physical and spiritual.

And as Hossein added to the discussion:

I seem to recall from the readings of Abdu’l Baha that since the world of the spirit is not of this world, there are things in that realm which are beyond our ken and understanding; they can not be adequately explained by the tools of this plane of existence, as human words.

Given this back drop, I would think that “strict mathematical laws” will certainly be very wonting in explaining spiritual phenomena, let alone be subjected to it.

What a bounty to realize on a daily basis, through the interaction with the Writings and the marvelous friends, the depth of the wisdom of our marvelous Faith!

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  • What a wonderful analogy. Forces of nature. Hope you don’t mind if I use that idea at my blog. I will give Brent the credit.


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