National Public Radio on Baha’i Virtues Classes

NPR logoEverybody in the Baha’i community here in Northern Virginia is excited about a story broadcast this morning on National Public Radio: “Class Teaches Virtues to Children of Many Faiths”. Praised be God, this is a wonderful story and the world needs more of these!

Lamps of God

In the past decade, the Baha’i faith has sponsored about 900 such classes nationwide. They’re based on the central Baha’i tenet that all religions are different but come from the same source, God…

The parents come from Muslim, Jewish, Protestant, Unitarian Universalist, Greek Orthodox and Baha’i backgrounds…

Layli calls the children to the dining room table. In front of each child sits a little lamp shade.

Remember how we talked about how religions are a lot like lamp shades?” she asks the group. “They may look different, they may be different colors or sit in different rooms, but they all have the light of God inside of them.

The kids glue symbols of various religions onto the shades — a Christian cross, a Buddhist wheel, a star and crescent for Islam. Then Layli calls out, “Come to the light!” And the children, one by one, place their decorated lamp shades on a light bulb.

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