Divine Tapestry

I’ve been listening to a beautiful song called “Divine Tapestry” from the first album, “Open The Gate”, by the extremely talented Canadian band “Smith and Dragoman“. This morning somebody posted on the Baha’i Communities website a video of this song from the recently released Smith and Dragoman DVD:

Find more videos like this on Baha’i CommunitiesEnjoy the music and remember the sufferings of those first souls who recognized the divine dawn light even though it appeared on a new horizon!

4 Responses to “Divine Tapestry

  • Very beautiful — thank you for sharing this! The song gives me chills whenever I hear it. You might also enjoy this web presentation for the Declaration of the Bab that uses the same song: http://nybahai.org/declaration/index.html

  • Guljahon Bobojonova
    11 years ago

    thanks!im happy!no words!

  • Tim Hayes
    11 years ago

    Used this beautiful music in our devotional tonight–my soul melts with its beauty. Thank you–sacred sounds.

  • Hi, you can see the video and another one called ‘Kiss the rope’ from Smith and Dragoman at http://www.bahainewsletter.ccom You cann also download the entire album from the Baha’i music download website Divine Notes at http://www.divinenotes.com . It really is such beautiful music, download the album and use it at your devotionals. By downloading it, you are also rewarding the artists and helping to finance more great music.

    Ray Brocklesby
    Divine Notes

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