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Monday night at Feast, a friend shared eloquently something that touched me deeply. She recalled an occasion where she had said “The whole free will thing is overrated. I wish I could hear God tell me what to do all the time so I could do it. I wish I would get letters from God to guide me.” Somebody then had responded to her: “Yes, you do get letters from God. They are not daily or weekly, they are annual — the Ridvan Letters from the Universal House of Justice”! How very profound!

I too have been sent the Ridvan letter from the Universal House of Justice, calling me to teach:

What all must acknowledge, irrespective of circumstance, are both the crying need of a humanity that, bereft of spiritual sustenance, is sinking deeper into despair and the urgency of the responsibility to teach with which we each have been entrusted as members of the community of the Greatest Name…

We look with expectant eyes to the day when teaching is the dominating passion in the life of every believer and when the unity of the community is so strong as to enable this state of enkindlement to express itself in unremitting action in the field of service. This, then, is our ardent hope for you and the object of our most fervent prayers at the Sacred Threshold.

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