Cleansing the rust off my heart

This morning greets me with yet another gem from Baha’u’llah’s “Hidden Words” (Persian, #56):

O My Son! The company of the ungodly increaseth sorrow, whilst fellowship with the righteous cleanseth the rust from off the heart. He that seeketh to commune with God, let him betake himself to the companionship of His loved ones; and he that desireth to hearken unto the word of God, let him give ear to the words of His chosen ones.

Reading this passage inspired me to search Ocean, the Baha’i Scripture Library, for other references to the ungodly. This is the selection from “Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah”, which I chose (or did God choose it for me?) to inspire me today:

O My servants! Deprive not yourselves of the unfading and resplendent Light that shineth within the Lamp of Divine glory. Let the flame of the love of God burn brightly within your radiant hearts. Feed it with the oil of Divine guidance, and protect it within the shelter of your constancy. Guard it within the globe of trust and detachment from all else but God, so that the evil whisperings of the ungodly may not extinguish its light. O My servants! My holy, My divinely ordained Revelation may be likened unto an ocean in whose depths are concealed innumerable pearls of great price, of surpassing luster. It is the duty of every seeker to bestir himself and strive to attain the shores of this ocean, so that he may, in proportion to the eagerness of his search and the efforts he hath exerted, partake of such benefits as have been pre-ordained in God’s irrevocable and hidden Tablets. If no one be willing to direct his steps towards its shores, if every one should fail to arise and find Him, can such a failure be said to have robbed this ocean of its power or to have lessened, to any degree, its treasures? How vain, how contemptible, are the imaginations which your hearts have devised, and are still devising! O My servants! The one true God is My witness! This most great, this fathomless and surging Ocean is near, astonishingly near, unto you. Behold it is closer to you than your life-vein! Swift as the twinkling of an eye ye can, if ye but wish it, reach and partake of this imperishable favor, this God-given grace, this incorruptible gift, this most potent and unspeakably glorious bounty.

So, the globe of trust and detachment is the best protection from the whisperings of the ungodly. Advised by Abdu’l-Baha, I take the ungodly to be the animal nature within me and whatever external influences might lead me to stray away from the path God had chosen for me.

Trust in God is something I am only recently discovering. Just this morning, while biking down the hill to work, I prayed to God to protect me as I let go and sped. The feeling was freeing and exhilarating…

Detachment is also something I have been gently learning to practice recently — it is not intuitive, it is not easy, but when I remind myself of the presence of God in my life, it makes it possible. With God, anything is possible, even reconnecting in fellowship with His loved ones, the ones whose presence nurtures me and cleanses the rust off my heart!

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