Independence Day and Freedom

Today Americans celebrate the Day of Independence. As a U.S. citizen I celebrate it too. As a World Citizen and a Baha’i I celebrate the religious freedom I enjoy. The majority of the world does not have this freedom. That is why it is with both amazement and delight to see this project of interfaith concern and tolerance that a group of Midde East youth launched a site to promote the rights of Baha’is to practice their religion.

When we fight for our own freedom, it is a natural act of defence. When fighting for the freedom and rights of others, it takes the courage and love of seeing all others as members of the same human family.

In a day when I reflect on the freedom — and responsibility — to be a Baha’i in a free, even if unperfect, society, I am grateful for the gifts of knowing myself and strength God has given me in order to strive to become a better human being, one day at a time.

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