Breakfast, spiritual and physical

I am the type of person who considers a sit-in breakfast one of the prerogaties of good life. Standing up during any meal and in particular breakfast time would be an offense on my sense of dignity. I do not like to hurry while eating and I have been known to be late for university classes or work simply because I felt it was important to have a good breakfast.

Recently, I thought about my attitude towards the spiritual breakfasts I take. I have always booked time for my coffee and physical breakfast but until recently the time for prayer and meditation had to be squeezed in among other tasks. As many modern age people, I am rather busy with daily life tasks, work, responsibilities, etc. But now as I am discovering the crucial depedence on spiritual discipline I am reflecting on the need to book time for prayer and meditation, for reading the spiritually nurturing Baha’i Holy Writings, for reciting God’s Verses, and simply time for silence in order to give a chance to God to respond back to my calls.

Finding the balance between the physical and spiritual is not an easy task but I am encouraged by the awareness of their importance and grateful for the self-knowledge God has given me. For it is not by accident that I have been created in a physical body yet need to nourish myself spiritually every single day.

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